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About gradlife™

We help students and young professionals realise their career goals and help achieve them using the Gradlife Model of Career Guidance. It begins by exploring a students’ core values and drivers, identifying a clear vision for what they want their graduate lives to look like.

Our Services

We provide services for schools, for companies and for individuals.

Throughout all of the services we provide, our focus is to identify a clear vision for what our customers want their graduate lives to look like – and then help them actualise that vision.

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The gradlife™ academy and our online course are great ways to begin your journey of self-discovery and to accelerate your professional development.

Online Course

Develop in your own time with our online course which helps you with your journey to self-discovery and professional development.

gradlife™ Academy

Enrol on our gradlife™ academy learning series and apply the knowledge you gain when deciding which career is for you.

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What our clients have to say

In a very short space of time Mark managed to empathise with me and my own personal struggles with where I wanted to go with my career. Through infectious positivity and his knowledge to back up what he said, I instantly found myself on what is the right path for me.

Dave C.Graduate Programme, Deloitte

I liked having someone experienced enough to ask you thought-provoking questions and point you in the right direction.

Mary QTax Consultant, KPMG

I got a really positive experience coming out of the session with Mark. I have a lot more clarity and motivation on what I would like to do and achieve. I thought the follow up email was great.

David O'RAccount Strategist, Google