gradlife™ Academy

(For Leaving Cert & College Students)

The Gradlife Academy is career guidance with deeper roots. Again, picture grinds, but the focus isn’t on any specific subject, it’s on the actual student.
5 people, 5 1hr sessions in 5 weeks, you will leave your Academy with:

  • An understanding of where you want to go and why (what’s driving you and how might that change)
  • An understanding of the working world and your options within it
  • A firm grasp of the future of work and how to upskill yourself to not just fit in, but win
  • Several mental models and introspective exercises to equip you for all of the challenges along the way
  • A clear, week by week plan to take you to where you need to be in a years time, and the ability to continue re-making these plans yourself

Upcoming Academy Programmes

What Academy Alumni have to say

In a very short space of time Mark managed to empathise with me and my own personal struggles with where I wanted to go with my career. Through infectious positivity and his knowledge to back up what he said, I instantly found myself on what is the right path for me.

Dave C.Graduate Programme, Deloitte

I liked having someone experienced enough to ask you thought-provoking questions and point you in the right direction.

Mary QTax Consultant, KPMG

I got a really positive experience coming out of the session with Mark. I have a lot more clarity and motivation on what I would like to do and achieve. I thought the follow up email was great.

David O'RAccount Strategist, Google