For Schools

Make your 4th years curious. Make your 5th years prepared, and make your 6th years Primed for High Performance.

The Gradlife Schools Workshop is designed for all 3 audiences. A series of 3×90 minute workshops that will captivate your students and propel them into constructive introspection, seeking to understand themselves, the world they will soon be entering, and how they can prepare themselves to thrive in that world.

Picture engaging talks, lots of self-reflection exercises, and a much more motivated and considered student body coming out of this transformative experience. This is what they will remember about this school year in ten years time.

What our clients have to say

In a very short space of time Mark managed to empathise with me and my own personal struggles with where I wanted to go with my career. Through infectious positivity and his knowledge to back up what he said, I instantly found myself on what is the right path for me.

Dave C.Graduate Programme, Deloitte

I liked having someone experienced enough to ask you thought-provoking questions and point you in the right direction.

Mary QTax Consultant, KPMG

I got a really positive experience coming out of the session with Mark. I have a lot more clarity and motivation on what I would like to do and achieve. I thought the follow up email was great.

David O'RAccount Strategist, Google